Sample Report

At Watch Dogs Utah, we are dedicated to providing you with peace of mind by offering an accurate assessment and reporting on your investment.

The home inspection report includes a detailed analysis of the home, including a summary of safety items, as well as items needing to be repaired and/or replaced, along with digital photos.

Our inspectors will walk you through the home and go over any areas of concern and teach you about the home and its systems. You will receive an email with a link to your report by the next business day.

Inspection Pricing

Pricing - Inspection

Condos under 2000 Square Feet$275
Homes up to 2000 Square Feet$295
2001 – 2500 Square Feet$320
2501 – 3000 Square Feet$335
3001 – 3500 Square Feet$350
3501 – 4000 Square Feet$375
4001 – 4500 Square Feet$405
4501 – 5000 Square Feet$430
5001 – 5500 Square Feet$460
5501 – 6000 Square Feet$490
6001 – 6500 Square Feet$535
Over 6501 Square FeetCall for price
Commercial InspectionCall for price
Multi Unit: Each additional unit$50

Pricing - Services


Radon Test with Inspection$90
Radon Test without Inspection$125
Methamphetamine Test
Results in 5-7 business days
Additional fee for Rush Testing
Results in 2-3 business days
Additional Methamphetamine Test each$75
Mold & Air Quality Testing (3 areas tested)$250
Infrared Inspections Add$100
Pool and Spa$100
Pool only$70
Spa only$45
Re-inspect for first 10 items

Each additional item over 10