New Home Construction Inspection Utah County

New home construction InspectionEvery home, whether resale or new, will have some type of issue.

With new construction, the problems are much different than existing homes. Watch Dogs Home Inspectors Utah offers new home construction inspection services to help you identify problems with your new home.

Problems found in new home construction are usually incomplete work like rooms with no ducting or missing caulk. You might find Imperfect or sloppy workmanship that could be due to contractor delay and rushing to catch up, or materials being exposed to rain and other elements before the home is closed in.

Damaged systems and finishes can happen when subcontractors stack or store their items in an area that is currently under construction, and missing gutters or attic insulation can cause you problems down the road.

By being proactive and identifying problems before closing on your loan, you will have leverage with the builder to fix the home before you move in, rather than waiting for the company to “get around to it” after you take possession of the home.

The home inspection report includes a detailed analysis of the home, including a summary of safety items, as well as items needing to be repaired and/or replaced, along with digital photos. Our inspectors will walk you through the home and go over any areas of concern and teach you about the home and its systems. You will receive an email with a link to your report by the next business day.

Call Watch Dogs Home Inspectors Utah today, (801) 580-5551, to provide you with peace of mind before you move into the home of your dreams.