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Selling Your Home?    Get A Pre-Listing Inspection

Hundreds of homes are for sale and buyers have plenty to choose from. With a pre-listing inspection, your home will be in better condition for viewing making it more marketable. This will help you attain the maximum selling price for the home.
A Pre-Listing Inspection:

  •     Identifies possible deal killers ahead of time.
  •     Gives you time to fix problems that could delay or kill the sale.
  •     Speeds up closings and eliminates surprises.
  •     Separates your home from others on the market.
  •     Eliminates bargaining points.
  •     Increases the value of your home, less allowances for items needing repair.

At Watch Dogs Home Inspectors, we are committed to providing a thorough inspection of your property by using state of the art inspecting practices. Potential home buyers want to purchase a home that is in tip-top shape, no matter the age of the home. By having a pre-listing inspection performed on the property you are selling, you will have a sharp edge over your competition.

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