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Call a mold inspector for an inspection for your Utah or Nevada home

Watch Dogs Home Inspectors does quality home inspections in Utah and Nevada. Making sure that the home people live in is safe from any sort of contamination or health risk. If the inspector runs into any problems they see, they will be able to provide a full explanation and recommendations on any needed repairs.


Need a mold inspector for your home?

Making sure a home is a safe place to live should be the number one thing when looking into buying a house. Get a professional mold inspector to check for mold and make sure that the air in the house is clean. Not only will mold affect the indoor air quality of the house, mold can contain toxins that can cause serious health problems to someone who is consistently breathing it in. A couple red flags for having mold in your house could be experiencing recent interior water damage, having water stains on ceiling, wall or floors, smelling a bad odor. Or if the ventilation system in the attic is not working properly. Everybody should considering getting mold testing and an air screening done in their home. Avoid getting harmful diseases by making home a safe and comfortable place to live.


Leading certified mold inspector that serves your home inspection needs in Utah and Nevada

Here at Watch Dogs Home Inspectors, we provide a variety of inspection services for homes in Utah and Nevada, including general home inspection, air quality testing, radon testing, meth testing and more. We also offer extensive tests for mold as a leading mold inspector in the state.

Hiring a mold inspector is crucial if you are buying a home, or even if you have recently experienced water damage or an unusual musty odor in your home. Mold doesn't just create an unpleased smell, it can a release toxins that are a serious health risk to your family, including pets. Without a mold inspector, if unchecked mold can cause asthma, allergic illnesses, infection and poor immune responses.

Watch Dogs Home Inspectors is a leading home inspector in Utah and Nevada that provides full mold inspection services that will help ensure your family's health. As a mold inspector, we carefully look for warning mold signs in your house to determine any potential health risks are present.

If you suspect your existing house has a mold problem or want to make sure your recently purchased house is mold-free, call us today to speak with certified mold inspector. Call Watch Dogs Home Inspectors for all your home inspection needs in Utah and Nevada.